Thursday, June 28, 2018

Review: "1492 The Conquest of Paradise" Movie

I think Hollywood was looking for an Oscar when they release this movie in 1992. Ridley Scott was the director; Vangelis was the music composer; Sigourney Weaver and Armand Assante were part of the cast; the costumes and the visuals were amazing too... but the movie flunked in the USA. At least, initially. According to Wikipedia, "The film was not a success, debuting at No. 7, and ultimately grossing far below its $47 million budget. However, according to the Internet Movie Database, it reached a Non-USA box office of $52 million."

The movie is a little bit dull and historically incorrect. However, the movie kept the spirit of the story of Columbus. In other words, they portrayed him as who he was: the visionary. The man who challenged his times. A good man with good intentions. The discoverer of the New World.

The Columbus story is one of the most epic stories ever, and I hope one day someone takes the time to make it right. So far, "the book is still better than the movie."


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