Saturday, June 30, 2018

Review: "Columbus The Four Voyages Book" by Laurence Bergreen

If you are looking for a Columbus biography, I would suggest skipping this one. Don't misunderstand me, L. Bergreen (the author) is a good writer, and unlike some modern Columbus biographers, he actually used primary sources. The problem is that he mixed quotes from primary sources with innuendos. He portraited Columbus as a bold explorer, but also as a narcissistic person. In my opinion, Bergreen's innuendos against Columbus are condescending. His other book, "Over the Edge of the World," (about Magellan's circumnavigation of the globe in the sixteenth century) is a better book. Better because he gives more history and fewer opinions. If you want to read a Columbus biography, I would suggest reading the actual source: "The Life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus by his son Ferdinand" translated by B. Keen.


Review: "Oro" The Movie

"Oro" was released in 2017. "Oro" means gold. The movie is not about Columbus, but it is about the same era, or rather, close to his era; the era of the "Conquistadores." Some of the Conquistadores stories are included on De Orbe Novo by Peter Martyr, who was one of Columbus primary historical sources. However, the movie is not a real story, but it is inspired by real events. Unlike Columbus, who was a pious man, the Conquistadores were like the characters in this movie: sketchy, fighting for power, betraying one another, backstabbers, etc. Just check the trailer video above to have an idea. The movie has a good beginning, but the ending was ok. It could have been better. The movie is in Spanish, with English subtitles.


Thursday, June 28, 2018


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Review: "1492 The Conquest of Paradise" Movie

I think Hollywood was looking for an Oscar when they release this movie in 1992. Ridley Scott was the director; Vangelis was the music composer; Sigourney Weaver and Armand Assante were part of the cast; the costumes and the visuals were amazing too... but the movie flunked in the USA. At least, initially. According to Wikipedia, "The film was not a success, debuting at No. 7, and ultimately grossing far below its $47 million budget. However, according to the Internet Movie Database, it reached a Non-USA box office of $52 million."

The movie is a little bit dull and historically incorrect. However, the movie kept the spirit of the story of Columbus. In other words, they portrayed him as who he was: the visionary. The man who challenged his times. A good man with good intentions. The discoverer of the New World.

The Columbus story is one of the most epic stories ever, and I hope one day someone takes the time to make it right. So far, "the book is still better than the movie."


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Review: "Vangelis 1492" Music Soundtrack

Vangelis 1492

1492 by Vangelis is the Music Soundtrack for the movie "1492 Conquest of Paradise," originally released in 1992. Vangelis is well known for his memorable song "Chariots of Fire" for the movie of the same name. This album is no exception. The music is beautiful. You can hear excerpts on YouTube. I own the album (the MP3 version). It should be part of your collection if you like movie soundtracks or instrumental music. I actually like the album more than the movie. The movie was ok. 


Monday, June 25, 2018

News: "Experts discover 'Christopher Columbus' anchor at Caribbean shipwreck site"

Source and article by Fox News (May 02, 2017):

"Experts have used a 'space treasure map' to make a remarkable discovery in the Caribbean -- a centuries-old anchor believed to be from one of Christopher Columbus’ ships."

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Friday, June 22, 2018

News: "Stolen Christopher Columbus letter returned to Spain"

Source and article from the BBC (8 June 2018):

"The US has returned a 500-year-old stolen Christopher Columbus letter to Spain after a seven-year hunt."

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

News: "US returns stolen 'Columbus Letter' to Vatican Library"

Source and article from The Local It (June 14, 2018):

"The United States on Thursday returned to the Vatican a copy of a handwritten 15th-century letter by Christopher Columbus in which the explorer recounts his 'discovery of America' to the Spanish royal family."