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In America we worship Christ, we celebrate Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We have churches and other Christian organizations, but most people are unaware of how Christianity reached America and who introduced it. Most believers don’t know they owed their faith to Columbus, a man chosen by God for such a task. Though most people know Columbus was searching for a new route to the Indies for trade, most people don’t know he was a pious man who wanted to spread Christianity in places that had never heard the gospel. This is the reason why today he is being slandered by groups and individuals who hate Christianity. If Christ was hated and slandered, then no wonder the man who also divided history in two, and carried his name (Christ-opher) is being slandered, while his holiday (Columbus Day) is unfairly renamed or eliminated in many places in the USA over false claims. In his third book, author Rafael Ortiz brings a unique perspective full of stories of evangelization that have been forgotten or most people don’t know. Stories of pre-Columbian Indigenous prophecies, predicting the coming of Christianity. Stories of salvation, miracles, signs, wonders, tragedy, and justice. Stories that that will appeal to believers everywhere. This book was exclusively written with believers in mind and it will help Christians to gain new knowledge and appreciation for one of the most influential men in Christianity and history: Cristoforo Colombo, better known as Christopher Columbus.

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“Anti-Columbus Day activists are using Christopher Columbus as an excuse to demonize American history in general, trusting that most people know little or nothing about Columbus.” This theory by the author was proven right last year, as his first book Christopher Columbus The Hero was been publish. What started as a protest of Columbus Day and statues of Columbus, around August 2017, developed into protests against American heroes like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and others, in addition of claims of racism in our American Anthem, culminating with violence and death in Charlottesville, Virginia. To revisionists, Christopher Columbus is responsible for all this, because, in their view, he is the one who brought slavery, racism, and misery to the New World. The question is, are these allegations true? In this book, the author disproves the lies and propaganda against Christopher Columbus and the American heroes revisionists attacked last year. The author shows the reader how their tactics are similar to those they use against Columbus and his legacy. Though activists have not yet been successful in persuading many people against American history and its heroes, they have been successful in renaming Columbus Day as Indigenous Peoples' Day in many states and cities, to the disrespect of the Italian-American community who lobbied for the Hero's holiday.

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Sadly, that’s not the case today: Some people don't even know who he was or what he did, while others claim he was a villain and are advocating for the abolition of Columbus Day and everything he represented. Accusations vary from Columbus being a racist, a rapist, a genocidal maniac, and even that he ran a child sex slave ring. The question is, are these allegations true? And, where are the scholars correcting Columbus’ record? Unfortunately, some of the misinformation out there comes from “scholars;” and even those who defend Columbus, won't address the actual story either. In this book, the reader will learn who modern history revisionists claim Columbus was, and what he did, vs. the actual historical accounts coming from the mouths of those who knew him well and wrote about them for us. The conclusion will be inevitable, that is, Columbus was a hero and his story and legacy need to be rediscovered again today.

Note- This book was originally published in 2017. This version is the Revised and Updated 2020 edition.

About the author:

Rafael is the author of "Christopher Columbus The Hero- Defending Columbus From Modern Day Revisionism" and "Columbus Day vs Indigenous Peoples' Day- The Truth Behind the Anti-Columbus Movement." He also writes for The "Official Christopher Columbus" website. He was born in Puerto Rico and today he lives in South Carolina with his family.

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Érase una vez, Colón un héroe fue ... Tristemente, este no es el caso hoy: algunas personas ni siquiera saben quién era o qué él hizo; mientras que otros afirman que él era un villano, y están abogando por la abolición del Día de Cristóbal Colón y todo lo que él representó. Las acusaciones varían desde Colón siendo un racista, un violador, un maníaco genocida, e incluso que dirigió una red de esclavitud sexual infantil. La pregunta es, ¿estas afirmaciones son ciertas ? Y, ¿dónde están los eruditos corrigiendo la historia de Colón? Desafortunadamente, parte de la desinformación que existe por ahi proviene de “eruditos”, e incluso aquellos que defienden a Colón, no hablan de la historia real. En este libro, el lector sabrá quiénes son los revisionistas de la historia moderna y lo que afirman que Colón fue, y lo que él hizo, contra los relatos históricos reales, que provienen de las bocas de aquellos que lo conocieron bien, y escribieron sobre ello para nosotros. La conclusión será inevitable, es decir, Colón fue un Héroe, y su historia y legado deben ser redescubiertos nuevamente hoy.

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"Historia Geográfica, Civil y Política de la Isla de San Juan Bautista de Puerto Rico" fue publicada en 1789 y es considerada la primera obra histórica moderna sobre Puerto Rico. El libro contiene 40 capítulos con todo tipo de tópico, incluyendo la geografía, topografía, clima, fauna, política, economía y populación de Puerto Rico. El autor, Iñigo Abbad y Lasierra, narra los primeros 200 años de historia, desde el descubrimiento por Cristóbal Colón, seguido por Juan Ponce de Leon, los ataques de los caníbales a los taínos, las costumbres de los indígenas, los primeros gobernadores, hasta la construcción del castillo del Morro para defenderse de los piratas, corsarios y naciones enemigas.


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