Sunday, January 7, 2024

Debunking "Muslims in America" Video

There is a video in social media claiming Muslims reached America before Columbus, and that he knew about it. That there is archaeological evidence about it and that even the Pinzon brothers, who accompanied Columbus as captains in 1492, were Muslim Moroccans. Here are the facts debunking the claims made by the video:

1. Did Columbus know of any Muslim interactions with the New World before 1492? The answer is no because no Muslim reached America before him. 

2. The Pinzon brothers were not Muslims, nor were they Moraocans, but Spaniard Catholics. 

3. Columbus did not mention seeing any Mosque in Cuba “with inscriptions” because there was none and the natives did not have a written language. What Columbus said was there were two beautiful high mountains in Cuba “and one of them has another little hill on the top shaped like a handsome mosque” (Columbus’ Journal Sunday 28 October 1492).

4. The natives of the Caribbean did not have temples, and unlike the Muslims, they were polytheistic. 

5. The natives of Haiti were not black and did not carry spears of metal. 

6. “Guanin” was not gold, nor was the Taino word for “gold.” 

7. The Mandinka Africans did not travel to America before Columbus. 

8. Barry Fell’s was a pseudo archaeologist and his “writings on epigraphy and archaeology are generally rejected by mainstream scholars.” [1]  

9. The North American natives did not worship Allah, nor did they follow Muhamad. If there are any similarities with some house structures in North America it is because the natives of the New World came from the Old. 

10. No native person spoke Arabic, nor did they use “dress” or clothes in the Caribbean. Columbus said the natives were “as naked as the day they were born” (Columbus Journal, Thursday, 11 October 1492). 

11. The word “sheriff” and “mayor” are not Indigenous or Muslim Arabic words, but European. Places like California, Alabama, and Tallahassee are Indigenous names. Not Arabic. 

The only thing the video mentioned that is partly true is that Columbus did study the works of some Muslim geographers. But none of them spoke of reaching America before 1492, and Columbus studied other geographers who were not Arabs, but Greeks, Romans, Jews, Christians and Pagans.