Monday, August 27, 2018

Wikipedia vs. Columbus

What is wrong with Wikipedia's biography on Columbus? (

First, let me start with what they've got right:

Though long and boring, Columbus' biography on Wikipedia has a lot of scholarly accurate information there. However, it also has the usual revisionist innuendos and inaccuracies. 

For example, Wikipedia claims Columbus "founded the transatlantic slave trade." Yet, when you click the word/link "transatlantic slave trade" it says the "Portuguese were the first to engage in the Atlantic slave trade... In 1526, they completed the first transatlantic slave." 

Columbus was serving Spain, not Portugal. He was out of Office in 1499 and dead by 1506. Wikipedia numbers and assumptions won't match! If what they are trying to say is that Columbus sent slaves (enemy combatants) from the New World to the Old World, then that is what they should say.

Another thing is that Columbus did not invent slavery, nor the slave trade and slavery was practiced by natives too. The slaves he sent to Spain were defeated enemy combatants, and according to his own letters, he always intended to give them back their freedom in a few years. Wikipedia did not mention that.
Source: Historia de las Indias, Libro II, Tomo III, Capitulo XXXVII, página 190.

Some time ago Wikipedia used to claim Columbus was running some kind of child sex slavery ring. Apparently, they removed it, but now it resurfaces under "sexual slavery." If they take the time to read the letter they quoted as evidence of the claim, they will see there is nothing about sex with children in it. Rather, in the letter, Columbus was condemning the abuses of the Spaniards toward the natives. 

About the "Accusations of Tyranny" section, Wikipedia forgot to mention the accusations were false. 

The "Second Voyage" section gleefully mentions the rape of a native girl by Michele de Cuneo that he claimed Columbus gave her. Strangely enough, Wikipedia did not mention that the same letter says Columbus was rescuing Tainos from the Caribs, who were terrorizing the islands with kidnappings, rape, murder, and cannibalism. To read more about Cuneo's rape argument, click here:

Wikipedia also demonstrates they don't know what the word "Discover" means and keep repeating the usual fallacies, distortions and revisions propagandists keep repeating.

I have tried to edit Wikipedia myself, but someone put some kind of virtual "lock" and won't let me correct the propaganda there. Since there is nothing I can do to edit Wikipedia, I decided to write a more accurate biography of Columbus right here:


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