Saturday, July 7, 2018

The History Channel is Wrong!

Question: What is wrong with the video link above from The History Channel?

Answer: Everything!

It is a shame that a channel using the name "History" doesn't know what "Cristopher Columbus discovered America" means! If Columbus did not discover America because there were people already living here, then by the same faulty logic the Vikings, nor the Chinese, discovered anything! 

If Columbus did not discover anything, why then is called "America"? Why is not named after a Viking, Chinese or an Indigenous Person?

Haters are lucky that is called "America" and not Columbus. The reason why is called America is because Amerigo Vespucci stole that honour from Columbus by falsely claiming he reached the (South) American continent first.

Notice the video did not mention that Columbus reached South AMERICA. They only mentioned The Bahamas and Cuba. 

The fact is America, The New World, includes North, South, Central America and the Caribbean. In addition, the video used assumptions, theories, opinions, legends and false claims as "history." Yet, what is actual history, like Columbus discovering America, they called false.
This is nothing new. Remember, "scholars" ridiculed Columbus, and sadly, some still do today!

To the question by The History Channel: "Did Columbus really discover America?"

The answer is yes!


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