Wednesday, October 24, 2018

"Christopher Columbus- The Grand Design" by Paolo Emilio Taviani Book Review

This book is not a biography, but insights from the author about what motivated Columbus to his grand design, the discovery of America. If you are a Columbus fan, then this book should be part of your collection. 

The book is strangely divided into two parts. The first and second part of the book has the same chapters. I'm guessing the author felt some information might be too technical for some readers, so he put it on the second half of the book, as a regular book would do with references and notes at the end of it. That's my guess. The book is close to 600 pages long. It includes pictures and maps.  

The author gives a lot of background about Columbus' parents, family, friends, and places he lived or visited before the discovery. He also debunks many falsehoods from revisionists and exposes some falsified documents from con artists. This book is a classic!


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