Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Letter requesting to keep Columbus Day

School will start in a few days. Here is a letter parents can use to request keeping Columbus Day on the calendar. You can use the letter as it is, or you can make changes if you want. Just copy and paste, and send it to your local school, school district, board of education, city council or any office in charge of the holiday calendar. Last year many cities and states discriminated against Columbus Day, slandering his honor. Just imagine if that was MLK Jr Day instead!

To whom it may concern:

I would like to request to keep Columbus Day on your Holiday calendar this year, 2018, and not have it renamed to, Indigenous Peoples' Day as it happened in several school districts last year. Columbus Day deserves the same respect and honor as other Federal Holidays.

I want to bring to your attention that the same groups who want to rename or abolish Columbus Day are the same looking to rename Thanksgiving Day too. That alone should bring suspicion of the intentions of these groups, not to mention that the anti-Columbus movement is not new, and it's usually led by radicals, like the KKK in the past, or Antifa last year. All they are looking for is to demonize American history in general, cleverly starting with Christopher Columbus, because they know most people know little or nothing about him.

Just imagine people renaming Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I'm sure the Afro-American community would be upset, especially since they were discriminated against in the past. So it is the same with Columbus Day, which was lobbied by the Italian-American community, which also was a discriminated group in the past, and many of them were even lynched. That is why Italian-Americans take this attack (against Columbus Day) very personal. Again, just imagine if this was MLK Jr Day.

As for Columbus' alleged crimes, they are all false and propaganda. Columbus did not mistreat natives, he did not own slaves and the few he sold as such, were defeated war foes he fought in self-defense. According to his letters, he even intended to return them back later as free men. I would suggest reading Columbus primary historical sources and skip the hearsay. "The Life of the Admiral Christopher Columbus by his son Ferdinand" translated by Benjamin Keen would be a good start. Maybe schools should require that book to be part of the curriculum.

However, if you, or someone else, insists that we should not celebrate Columbus Day because of conquest, war, and slavery, then by the same logic we should not celebrate Indigenous Peoples' Day because they were doing the same, in addition of cannibalism and human sacrifice. I'm not against a Holiday for Indigenous People; I'm just against replacing Columbus Day, or Thanksgiving Day, or any other Federal Holiday.

Notice, these groups are not looking for a new Holiday. What they want to do is to replace what we already have, while they destroy and vandalized Columbus statues and create havoc, blaming him for things he never committed, in places he never reached, in historical timelines he was not even alive.  These activists groups are trying to shame people today for things that Columbus had nothing to do with.

Our Capital is named after Columbus (D.C.=District of Columbia); The Pledge of Allegiance was created in his honor; we are here in the New World because of him, and he is the cause of ALL our Holidays.

Please, keep the honor and respect for Columbus Day.



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